Utility Task Vehicles


    The Bull Series was designed to work as hard as you do. So, whether you choose our standard Bull model with three seats or our Longhorn edition with two rows and six individual seats, you have a UTV sized to meet your needs.
    But if size doesn’t matter, then let’s focus on raw strength and ability. Our Brahma Diesel model is equipped with one of our famous YANMAR three-cylinder diesel engines, giving it a towing capacity of 2000 lbs. So, unless you were planning are using your new YANMAR UTV to tow your home from your farm property to the nearest beach, we’ve got you covered.

    Just because our Diesel options steal a lot of the limelight, our gas-powered series refuses to take a backseat. And why should they need to? With the Longhorn six-seater, there are plenty of front seats available.
    YANMAR spends time and energy ensuring, through rigorous testing, that each of our products live up to the standards of operation that our customers have come to rely upon. From the job site, to the field, to the trails, you’ll find plenty of power, precise handling and comfort beyond compare.

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    Our Bull Series produces the power you need to rule the jobsite. It all starts with a 700-class liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine packed with plenty of power and torque. But it doesn’t stop there, the power continues for our gas models just as surely as it does for the Diesel Brahma.

    Our gas models boast a towing capacity of 1500 lbs., confirming that strength is not a concern whether you go gas or diesel. And with the power to decide whether extra space, or compactable mobility, fits the specific job you have in mind – our gas models offer the flexibility that you need to perform.

    Our industry-leading Tru-Torq® CVT drive system features a centrifugal clutch for extremely smooth starts and optimal performance. So, whether you work hard, play hard, or both, you always start smooth and finish strong.


    You can’t own a YANMAR UTV and hope to resist the call of the wild. Whether it’s fishing with the family or chasing the sunset, all the pleasures of the outdoors are at your fingertips, with none of the challenges. Our Bull Series is guaranteed to get you smoothly over rough terrain to wherever the trail may lead. Our UTVs were designed with enough cargo space to fit all the hiking equipment, picnic supplies, and camping gear that you could dream of. And on top of that, we made sure to include a large 9.7-gallon fuel tank so that you could spend less time filling up and more time doing what you love, with the people that you love.